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Jefri Represent Asia to the World Skills in London


Teens who is arguably one success in all areas of education. No exception in every good race event held at the provincial, national to world. even this year he will compete with teens around the world that will be held in the city of London, England. What motivates these youth so they can achieve a high degree sedemian.

His face is similar to other indigenous teenagers. There is no obvious sign that he was a champion who always mengaharumkan behalf of the nation. Activities filled only play, learn and exercise. Three of these activities always carry it in their daily activities.

Singkep Dabo was born in June 7, 1991, Jefri Satria initially never dreamed that he would become a champion in the field of Mechatronics competition in both local and international. Neighborhood is also not an elite area of ​​the house but only an area of ​​plots in daerang Sagulung areas quite far from the reach to the central city in Batam. Although born of a simple family was Jefri Satria has intelligence in assembling an engine technology.

Intelligence visible when he entered the vocational school SMK 1 Batam. In this school berlahan-motor brain area with well honed. Just like a constant dull knife sharpened the longer it will be more sharp. Armed with fortitude and resolve to win, Jefri began the courage to follow the race fields in accordance with the department of education acquired at school.

"At first I was afraid to join the race. My ability is not comparable with friends in class. Teachers who provide the motivation that each person must be a champion, the key will and perseverance in learning and pursuing a dream. I think every day, I try to learn and keep learning. That is the beginning of the first time I am motivated to do chores, "said Jefri Satria to

Adolescents of parents and Herna Anwar is becoming more confident today to continue to move more forward again. Slowly but surely some of the races he contested as champion of pupils achieving level 3 Batam, champion 2-Kepri a science project, winner of two races contest robot line follower, winner of three national student contest competency to gain the gold medal in the Asean Skill in Bangkok, Thailand .

Seabrek quite proud achievement for his life journey in education. But these are not made him stop working. For Jefri as long as there are still opportunities to work then it should not be wasted. "I never thought I was called again by Jakarta to participate in the selection race World Skill in Bangkok. I was told to come join the training area of ​​Malang and Bandung. There I trained with other teens from different regions across Indonesia," he said.

During penseleksian, talents and intelligence Jefri more visible. Together Agam Pinandita teammates who are also students smkn 1 Batam, Jefri finally got a chance to represent Indonesia to go to Bangkok. An unexpected opportunities before because the selection was a lot of teenagers who have the skill and intelligence like him. "Actually, prepared departing Bandung, but it turns out we are told to leave," said Jefri.

While waiting for the participants from other regions of different areas of the race race, Jefri back to Batam. While in Batam, Jefri not stay silent in the house. The period of rest that he spent in a laboratory at its campus electro Batam International University (UIB). Indonesia was not in vain choose Jefri as a representative in the Champions World Skill level of Asean. His ability merangcang a machine to make himself appear as a champion in the field of Production Automation Technology race. Shown in audotorium super swanky, red and white flag flying high the flag of more than 10 other Asian countries which joined the World Skills event.

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