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IT Network Systems Administration Skills


IT Network Systems Administration technicians require a wide range of IT skills. This is a fast-moving skill with continuously rising skill levels.

Skills include the ability to:
  • Install a complex, custom IT solution with workstations, users, servers and networking equipment
  • Use a variety of operating systems and server software
  • Implement business IT systems with servers, workstations and network devices
  • Tackle business-to-business communication solutions, accessing the Internet and other business networks safely and efficiently
  • Install and configure wireless network devices, switches, routers and data protection devices
  • Ensure security of stored information and give access to relevant users
  • Provide system level documentation and diagrams
  • Install, maintain and troubleshoot VOIP devices and software
Keterampilan mencakup kemampuan untuk:

  • Instal, kompleks kustom solusi IT dengan workstation, pengguna, server dan peralatan jaringan
  • Gunakan berbagai sistem operasi dan perangkat lunak server
  • Melaksanakan bisnis sistem TI dengan server, workstation dan perangkat jaringan
  • Tackle bisnis-ke-bisnis solusi komunikasi, mengakses internet dan jaringan bisnis lainnya secara aman dan efisien
  • Menginstal dan mengkonfigurasi perangkat jaringan nirkabel, switch, router dan perangkat perlindungan data
  • Menjamin keamanan informasi yang disimpan dan memberikan akses kepada pengguna yang relevan
  • Menyediakan sistem dokumentasi tingkat dan diagram
  • Instal, mempertahankan dan memecahkan masalah perangkat dan perangkat lunak VOIP

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